Insulated Joint Protector

ILSE’s Insulated Joint Protector (IJP-100) is designed for protection of insulated joints in oil or gas pipelines. With long lengths of insulated pipeline, induced voltages in the pipes caused by local lightning or power line fault activity can be in the order of tens of kilovolts.
For protection against insulated joint break down, ILSE developed the IJP-100 which is connected directly across the insulated joint. In its inactive state the IJP presents an effective open circuit (101oΩ) across the joint. Should the insulated joint voltage exceed the breakdown voltage of 350V, the IJP will immediately conduct to safely pass the surge current to ground After conducting, the IJP will automatically reset to its inactive state.

ILSE Insulated Joint Protector: ILSE IJP-100
Application: Protection of insulated joints in oil or gas pipelines
Ordering code: IJP-100
Rated DC Sparkover Voltage (100V/s): 350V
Tolerance: +/-20%
Impulse sparkover voltage (1kV/μs): 1000V
Arc Voltage: >80V
Insulation resistance (at 100 Vdc): >1G Ohms
Capacitance (@ 1 MHz): 10pF
AC discharge current (50Hz; 1s; 5 times): 100A
Rated impulse discharge current (8/20μs): 100kA
Max. Discharge current (8/20μs; 1 time): 150kA
Max. Discharge current (10/350μs; 1 time): 60kA
Environmental Rating: IP 55
Housing: Metal enclosure with epoxy compound filled
Dimensions & Cable Leads: 175mm (L) x 25mm (D) & 16mm2 marine grade double insulated 300mm cable on each end