Earth Points:

Earth Points

ILSE Earth Points used in concrete structures offer convenient earth system connection points. The earth points are used for equipment, machinery and structural earthing after completion of the concrete work.
Earth Points - EP
Stem Diameter(mm) Hole Size BSW (Inches) Holes Weight(kg) Drawing # Ordering Code
10.7 1/2 2 0.28 A (see page 14) EP2120
10.7 1/2 4 0.34 B (see page 14) EP4120
10.7 1/2 4 0.52 C (see page 14) EP4240

Static Earth Receptacle:

Static Earth Receptacle

The ILSE earthing receptacle is a copper alloy casting designed to provide a static discharge point for aircraft refueling tankers. The receptacle is designed for a installation flush with a flat surface.
Static Earth Receptacle - SER
Description Depth(mm) Lid Diameter(mm) Diameter of Ball-Attachment Point(mm) Weight(kg) Ordering Code
Static Earth Receptacle 98 72.5 15 0.80 SER15

Prefabricated Crows Foot:

Prefabricated Crows Foot

ILSE’s prefabricated crows foot provides a customized radial earth which is ideal for installation as a lightning protection earth. The radial earth uses lengths of 25mm x 3mm copper tape (99.99% Purity) which are exothermically welded together using ILSE EXOWELD to provide a molecular bond with excellent corrosion resistance.
Prefabricated Crows Foot - PCF
Description Tape Size(mm) Weight(kg) Ordering Code
Prefabricated Crows Foot 25*3 6.7 PCF-25