Earth rods are commonly utilized as the principle earth electrode in the design and installation of an earthing system.

ILSE offers a selection of copperbonded steel, solid copper and stainless steel earth rods which are manufactured to meet International Standards such as BS 6651, BS 7430 and UL 467.

Earth RodsThe copperbonded steel cored rod is the most commonly used type of earth rod due to its overall combination of strength, corrosion resistance, low resistance path to earth and cost effectiveness. The ILSE copperbonded rods are manufactured by bonding a copper layer to a steel core through an electrolytical process that ensures a perfect and even bonding between the steel and copper. The rod finishing is free of imperfections or peeling. The copper layer, whose minimum thickness is 254 microns (10 mils) is individually and rigorously controlled by a modern set of electronic gauges.

Solid copper and stainless steel earth rods offer a high level of corrosion resistance suitable for installation in aggressive soil conditions.

Copper Rods – A Question of Quality

The life expectancy and performance of an earthing system can be influenced by the type and quality of the copper earth rod that is installed. The following photo shows two copper earth rods which have both been subjected to the same pressure load test. The lower earth rod is an ILSE copperbonded rod which is free from cracking or tears to the outer sheath following the pressure test. The copperclad rod on top shows clear evidence of cracking and tearing to the outer sheath. The installation of earth rods involves driving the rod into the ground, it is this process where inferior quality copper rods are likely to be damaged resulting in cracks or tearing to the outer sheath which will significantly reduce its serviceable life and placing the integrity of the whole earthing system at risk.

Cost Effective Earth RodsDependence of earth resistance upon driving depth

There are many factors to consider when choosing the most cost effective earth rod for your application.

  • Copperbonded earth rods typically have a life expectancy of + 30 years.
  • Stainless Steel and Pure copper earth rods typically have a life expectancy of +40 years. The cost of stainless steel and pure copper rods can be up to 5 times the cost of copperbonded earth rods.
  • Increasing the diameter of the earth rod plays a minor role in lowering earth resistance. By doubling the diameter of the rod a 10% improvement in earth resistance is gained with a 350% increase in the cost of the rod.
  • Where space constraints restrict the installation of an extensive earthing system, deep driven rods provide a cost effective solution in achieving a low resistance earth, but depending on the configuration may still provide a high impedance level.

ILSE Threaded Copperbonded Earth Rods

ILSE Threaded Copperbonded ILSE Threaded Copperbonded
Earth Rod
Copperbonded earth rods are made from high tensile low carbon steel and each rod is manufactured by molecularly bonding 99.9% pure electrolytic copper to the low carbon steel core in accordance with national and international standards such as BS 6651, BS 7430 and UL 467. Threads are rolled onto the rod ensuring an even copper covering which eliminates the risk of chipping whilst driving.
Driving Stud
High tensile steel driving stud which can be used many times over and is suitable for power hammering.
Whether connecting rod to rod or driving stud to rod the high strength copper alloy coupling is counter bored to protect the earth rod threads from damage and subsequent corrosion.
Threaded Copperbonded Earth Rods
Earth Rod Length (m) Rod Diameter (mm) A. Thread Diameter (Inches) B. Weight per rod (Kg) Bundle Size Ordering Code
1.524 14.3 5/8 1.92 10 CBER558*
1.829 14.3 5/8 2.31 10 CBER658
2.134 14.3 5/8 2.69 10 CBER758
2.438 14.3 5/8 3.07 10 CBER858*
3.048 14.3 5/8 3.84 10 CBER1058*
1.524 17.3 3/4 2.86 10 CBER534*
1.829 17.3 3/4 3.44 10 CBER634
2.134 17.3 3/4 4.01 10 CBER734
2.438 17.3 3/4 4.58 10 CBER834*
3.048 17.3 3/4 5.73 10 CBER1034*
2.438 23 1 8.52 10 CBER81
3.048 23 1 10.65 10 CBER101
  • Standards: BS 7430, BS 6651, UL 467
  • See page 9 for fittings to suit Threaded Earth Rods

* Denotes those size rods typically available ex-stock from ILSE warehouse.